Surviving design reviews and revision cycles

Here you are, preparing for yet another round of revision, feeling anxious as you’re about to lock horns with your clients again.

Is there a better way to manage design reviews? The answer is “Yes”. It’s time for more…

We set our sights on one of the largest industries in advertising–Sports Marketing for our first inspiration series.

Did you know that sporting goods, apparel, equipment and health and fitness spending generate as much as US$700 billion yearly?

So creatives get ready to take a bite of that cake and confidently take on the following sports creative campaign challenge. Just do it.

Problem-solving A Problematic Mindset

Problem-solving has become an essential skill. Everyone is required to problem-solve on a daily basis. It can be solving challenges as massive as climate change, health epidemics, global starvation or even as mundane as “what’s for lunch?

But first, a refresher on necessary problem-solving steps;

  1. Define the problem.
  2. Solve by…

Before diving into typography, let’s discuss first what makes up a bad habit. Here’s my take:

  • Not able to use the right tools for the right job — bad.
  • Not able to apply design fundamentals — bad.

1. Center-aligning paragraphs of text

Are you still insisting that trending…

Injecting humor in lines of HTML code

But first what’s CSS?

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language used for describing the presentation of a document written in a markup language(Wikipedia).
Web designers and front-end developers use CSS to control the color, layout, and fonts of a web page.

Sounds serious? Not so, according to this CSS Puns and…

Creative thinking and problem-solving with SCAMPER

You had a few good ideas at the start of your brainstorm session. The problem now is how to make them great.

This situation calls for SCAMPER.

The SCAMPER technique is one of the easiest and direct methods for creative thinking and problem-solving through a number of techniques or question…

Easily create images to build your rockstar digital presence

How do you attract eyeballs online?

If there’s one thing that can help build your rockstar digital presence, it’s having a unique visual identity.

This is how I do it.

Let There be Spark

First, we need an awesome tool.

There are tons of tools out there, but when I say awesome,

I meant…

Ditch the jargons and speak plainly

Be Noisy, LAFORET — Rikako Nagashima

You just delivered a highly-charged elevator pitch. And now it’s the Q&A segment. And then it’s as quiet as a grave. Puzzling? If the responses were twiddling thumbs and blank stares, you might’ve been spewing 20 buzzwords per minute.

Monkey see, monkey do

Bizspeak, office lingos, jargons and buzzwords — I am as guilty…


Carlo Victoriano • Creative Director | Tag Worldwide

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